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Foot File With Pedicure And Manicure Brush Multi Use Pedicure Paddle Brush(Cleanse, Scrub, File And Buff) Pedicure Tool Pedicure Brush For Feet Foot Scrubber(Pack of 3)(Color may vary)

₹ 400.00 ₹ 499.00
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1.High quality :- The main material of this brush tool is high resistant plastic so it's light and more aesthetically pleasing with the lightweight 2 . This 4 in 1 set contains :- Soft brush, rough pumice, two sides file which gives an amazing job on feet it also has a rope which you can use to hang it in hooks after using . 3 . Design :- Specialy designed to exfoliates skin and cleans in and around nails 2 file polishes and rejuvenates skin 3 de-scaler removes dead skin . Designed Specially For Your Feet To Gently Remove Calluses And Dead Skin 4 . Easy to use :- It is super easy and comfortable to use and have a constant work in progress suitable for both professional use and personal use . Handy Pedicure Paddle Foot Filer Brush Combines 4 Tools In One Durable, Two-Sided Handle. 5 . Color may vary depending on availability.

Suitable For: All Skin Type
Weight: 330.0 (in gm)
Country of Origin: India

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